My Thursday

Today was probably the most stressful day I’ve had at work in the 6 months I’ve worked there. I work for two people and it was my job to organise the leaving party for of one of them, which was today.

Shit – there are now 100 people who have RSVPd as opposed to the 30 we expected. Did I change the food order?? Yes, yes I’m sure I did.

My lovely boss is a right fire-cracker; all over the place yet wise and knowledgeable. She wanted me to put together her presentation and I knew I would be receiving the materials at the VERY last minute so had wiped out my entire morning in preparation. Good thing I did.

‘All I need you to do is scan these 12 photos in, these three letters but blurring out my personal details, the front of this old handbook, OH! And take a photo of this little toy truck and then superimpose my face onto this Jimi Hendrix album cover. Now….the camel pictures. Where. Are. The. Camel. Pictures?’
*Roots around bottomless bag*

You can see why I like my boss – there was never a dull moment and I LOVED the way people would walk past my desk and catch a glimpse of whatever wacky design I was creating for her, and the look of bewilderment on their faces. I’d simply mention my boss’s name and they would immediately understand and carry on.

Even though I expected the mad rush that was today – I did let it get to me a bit. My computer froze after working on the presentation for a couple of hours, and for a few hairy minutes I couldn’t retrieve the file.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Oh there it is.

The party, naturally, went really well and I stressed over nothing. The presentation was well-received, the food and drink was actually there, and there was a brilliant turnout. I pretty much stressed over nothing.

I know I must have emanated some sort of ‘stay away’ vibe while in preparation beforehand. I’m located at a pivotal desk in the office. Everyone who comes and goes walks past so I’m in the very privileged position of being able to have a chat with all members of the team (even when I’m reeeaaallly trying to get some work done).

Today however I could sense my colleagues bouncing over to my desk, slowing down tentatively as they caught sight of my hunched back and furious typing, then deciding better of it and backing away cautiously.

I put it down partially to being due on. Don’t judge.

In the evening I went along to the weekly pub quiz. I started going a couple of months ago in an attempt to expand my social circle and make some new friends and not just ‘date’ all the time like a desperate banshee woman – and it worked! I’ve made a good 5 or 6 friends there and we all meet up at least once a week. We didn’t win this evening but it was still fun nonetheless.

What I ate today:
– 3 squares of Kazakhstani chocolate
– 2 Kazakhstani cake things (couldn’t read packaging – I think they were edible and not just air fresheners)
– 2 weird doughnut balls
– 1 slice of fruit cake
– Healthy mustard chicken salad and couscous (VERY hard to eat with a plastic fork, I flicked some couscous onto my keyboard and almost had a wreck-it-ralph moment during the ‘stress’)
– Bowl of cheesy chips

What I learned today:
– Sure, eat healthily, but if it’s not easy to get into your mouth in the first place and you have to fuck around with cutlery – it probably isn’t worth your time
– You have some great colleagues/friends at work who are there to help you, you lucky thing

So, I didn’t do so well on the healthy eating front, and I let the stress get to me – so from now on I think I should learn to lean on my colleagues when I need a de-stress and try to stay away from the shit food. I DID make an attempt with the salad, but lettuce leaves the thickness of cardboard coupled with a plastic fork do NOT go well together.


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